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Today | 21.02.2017 | 21h | 16/12€

TINI THOMSENíS MAX SAX - the long ride - tour 

Tini Thomsen (bs), Nigel Hitchcock (as)*,Tom Trapp (g), Mark Haanstra (b), Satindra Kalpoe (dr)

Tini Thomsen and her saxophone have been climbing the musicanl echeleons for quite some time now, with her "High Energy Rockin' & Punkin' Jazz"; small wonder, since there aren't any others, apart from the congenial band Morphine, who put the baritone on display quite as she does. Her 2014 album, titled "Max Sax" will be part of the program tonight. On it, the lively musician oriented her sound along the lines of the Foo Fighters or The Queens of the Stone Age... And her new album only cements the conviction of the Press: "She will play the stages of the world" (Die Zeit 2014)
NEW ALBUM "The Long Ride"