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Today | 20.01.2019 | 21:00 | 14/10€

Triebwerk Hornung  

The Art of Jazz
Ludwig Hornung - Fender Rhodes, Kompositionen / Wanja Slavin - Saxophon / Oliver Steidle - Drums

Wanja Slavin, Oliver Steidle and Ludwig Hornung form the "engine Hornung" with the unique combination of saxophone, Fender Rhodes and drums, whose endeavor is always to achieve a high level of energy, variety and density, which is supported by the intimate occupation , or is forced. Exuberant, sweeping passages have as much justification as lyrical and fragile moments; the communication with each other is above everything. Stylistically dedicated to jazz, elements of rock, drum and bass as well as free music are combined to form a homogenous mixture that sometimes challenges, lulls, but never bores the listener.
In Oliver Steidle, a lively drummer on the national and international scene, and Wanja Slavin, echo prize winner, innovator and integral part of the German jazz scene, initiator and Spiritus rektor Ludwig Hornung, a scholarship holder of the Berlin Senate, found the suitable companions to realize his sound requirements.
"Sharp detail, lively interaction instead of affirmative entertainment." - FAZ
"Here, not only full of energy and pleasure is left free improvised, but communication in all facets operated. (...) Grandios!" - Jazz thing
"A surprising, suspenseful music between retro and modern, with highlights always being the dialogues between Ludwig Hornung and his congenial partners." - Jazz Podium

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