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Today | 16.07.2018 | 21:00 | 13/10€

IndiJana&The Bandits 

INDIJANA (voc, g), MICHEL BERLINE (e-g), JENNY CONRAD (backvoc, e-b), IGOR PRJAHIN (dr), NELE ROHLAND (backvoc, keyb.)

INDIJANA and the BANDITS ... stands for individuality, intensity and true playfulness. Her weapons are extremely female! Powerful female voices, rousing guitar and keyboard riffs supported by the pulsation of the rhythm section ensure a round sound and convince of the professionalism of the musicians. But do not worry, they do not shoot ... They only rob you of your last breath! Blues and Soul la Etta James and Bonnie Raitt lay the foundation for the soulful and funky sounds of the Berlin band. INDIJANA - the front woman and singer of the band - writes own songs. They give the band sound a special, fresh note and are in no way inferior to the old music. And so this band offers a rousing show of well-known and own songs with elements of soul, Texas blues, rhythm & blues and a touch of Berlin big city sounds.

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