Acoustic Music
+ Jazz Club
10178 Berlin-Mitte
Dircksenstr. 40
Phone +49 30 283 31 23
und +49 30 23 56 05 25

Mo. - Su. from 20h

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Today | 16.01.2018 | 21h | 14/12€

the GRAND SLAMMERS    fresh music - organic sounds  

Modern Jazz
Dirk-slice         Engelhardt (Saxophon) 
Rainer-smash   Brennecke        (Trompete) 
Chris-cross        Kögel               (Gitarre) 
Lord Ramani     Krishna             (Bass)
Schlemmer -     the slammer   (Drums)  

The quintet, consisting of prominent Berlin musicians, works in the field of tension between free forms and linear group improvisations. The minimalist originals make groove and soul right, create room for melodies and inspirations from all over the world. Organically, dynamic border areas and the smallest musical details are explored. It offers great improvised tennis by all players in mixed doubles and singles, A breathtaking jazz concept of experiment and lucid sound; like tennis, it's about the virtuoso delivery of musical sound balls, with the incredible explosive power of psychedelic soundtracks.