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Today | 26.05.2018 | 21h | 15/12€

Roman Ott Quartett  

Modern Jazz                                                                                     
Roman Ott (sax), Uri Gincel (p), Lars Gühlcke (b), Peter Gall (dr)

Roman Ott is an exceptional talent on the saxophone, his unmistakable sound and his own. You have to experience your saxophone playing yourself in order to feel the "goodoldmagic". He will Songs of his new album "If you lived here you`d be home by now" imagine that
has appeared on the internationally renowned label Fresh Sound. The musicians with whom Roman Ott will present his new album to us without exception modern jazz. An intense music experience with honesty and depth.
[...] here an amazing maturity mixes with the thrilling interplay of his [...]
A sympathetic debut with great potential. Jazz Thing
Ott plays with a fresh, unused sound. [...] His phrasing is excellent,
moves between a clearly accented tone and a slightly washed-out language.
Jazzpodium 07/08 2007, Jörg Konrad
Independent sound from a single source [...]
Roman Ott has developed into a sensitive soloist who has an independent soloist
warm, sometimes downright intimate sound [...] possesses. [...]
Even with furious up-tempo titles, nothing gets out of hand
Weser Kurier
[...] a young quartet with great potential and enormous energy.
Radio Bremen
First class teamwork with high creative potential.
Early on he had a remarkably mature, powerful and lyrical saxophone sound
Radio Bremen

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