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Today | 21.07.2019 | 21h | 14/10€

Nähmaschinen Quartett  

Pop, Jazz, Elektro-Musik…
Alosha Uysal (ss), Simon Harscheidt (e-g), Stanislaw Sandronov (b), Simon Japha (dr)

Just as unusual as the name is the music of this quartet composed of jazz students around Alosha Uysal (soprano saxophone), who along with Simon Harscheidt (electric guitar), Stanislaw Sandronov (bass) and Simon Japha (drums) has a very unique view of Jazz demonstrates. In doing so, they manage that their compositions, despite a certain complexity, never sound exhausting, but instead concentrate on the beauty of the music - supported by the dialogue between soprano saxophone and electric guitar.
The Süddeutsche Zeitung describes it as follows: "Musically the four move between pop and classical music, between electric and acoustic music, between melodically detailed compositions and, what a happy surprise, the blues. [...] And how they played him, the "Sewing Machines Blues", that just demands respect. By the way: The band name alone is already priced! "

www.naehmaschinenquartett.com/kollektion | www.facebook.com/naehmaschinenquartett


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