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Today | 22.04.2019 | 21h | 15/12€

Natalia Mateo  

Modern VOCAL Jazz, Pop im Geist von Björk, Joni Mitchell, Maya Angelou…
Natalia Mateo (voc), Simon Grote (p), Dany Ahmad (gr), Christian Grothe (electronics),
Hannes Hüfken, Jan-Philipp Meyer (dr)

In 2015, the Berlin-born and Polish native made a brilliant career start in the German jazz world. As a frontier worker, Wanderin between the worlds, as a Slavic soul full of dripping melancholy with punkigem and sometimes light or hectic blend was called. Under the auspices and influence of freethinkers like Björk, Joni Mitchell, Maya Angelou and Louise Bourgeois, not by chance all women, stands Mateo and her music. Unhurried and at the same time vehement expression, perseverance in the creativity as well as the profoundness of the contents they have in common with the latter and made themselves a trademark.



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