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Heute | 27.07.2017 | 21h | 13/10€

Earshot Quartett GB/D 

Modern Jazz
Arabella Sprot (sax), Robert York (g), Tom Berkmann (d-b), Mathias Ruppnig (dr)

Earshot was formed in Berlin in 2015 and can be described as explorative and egalitarian. Whilst there are two main composers for the band, all four share a set of core musical values: discursion, dynamics and texture. Interplay between groove and melody is a common driving force for both composers, whilst differing harmonic textures create the contrast. We like to think of it as positive drama. A debut album is being recorded in Autumn 2017 and this concert will act as an advance album presentation, featuring all the material that will be released, some of which will be heard for the first time at this concert! Earshot is run and led by Arabella Sprot and Robert York, who play tenor saxophone and jazz guitar respectively. The band also features Austrian drummer Mathias Ruppnig and German bassist Tom Berkmann. The band members already boast numerous awards as individual musicians, including performance prizes from DOWNBEAT and Help Musicians UK.