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Heute | 15.12.2017 | 21h | 15/12€

Lucrezio de Seta Quartett "Brubeck was Right" / Italien 

Modern Bebop Jazz
Lucrezio de Seta (dr), EttoreCarucci(p), Lorenzo Feliciati (basso), Feat: William Lenihan (g)

Brubeck was right!’ is a clear nod to the celebrated pianist and bandleader who found success with ‘Take Five’ and ‘Blue Rondo a’ la Turk’, among others, regularly using odd rhythms in the jazz idiombetween the ‘50s and ‘60s. This is what the title ‘Brubeck was right!’ tells us, with an exclamation point. Quite appropriate for the content of this fantastic disc that you are about to listen to. But I’ll tell you: now that you know it, don’t think about it too much. Open the package, let the music take off and don’t lose that joy of un-awareness. Don’t search frantically for a compliance between the intentions and the notes you hear soaring through the air. Let yourself be carried away by the endless rhythmic, tonal and melodic inventions of this trio that knows perfectly how to shift gears between adrenaline charged pieces and intense ballads that flow in a track-list, captivating, dynamic and surprising, to say the least. Jazz is creativity, energy, feeling. It is continuous originality, even when well known pieces are being played. 
In Lucrezio de Seta’s project with EttoreCarucci and Francesco Puglisi, what is not declared, but is at the base of everything, is playing. Playing jazz and expressing themselves through jazz. Moving across intense and elegant pieces like Confusion and Ghost, written by Carucci, or joyfully stretching out with On Green Dolphin Street, reborn here in an unexpected, alternate rhythmic version. Or A Night in Tunisia, masterfully rendered in 7/4 time and which de Seta’s drums completely redesign, leaving us the satisfaction of following the brilliant theme. After listening, the meaning of the title, and of the exclamation point will be very clear: and you will have experienced an electrifying journey back, from the music to the project it underlies.  (written by Daniela Floris)