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Heute | 01.05.2016 | 21h | 12/10€


NEo-Soul, Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Andre Washington (voc), Raashan Ahmad (vocals, rap), Michal Wroblewski (p,fender rhodes, leader), Andrzej Gondek (g), Michal Kapczuk (b), Sebastian Kuchczynski (dr)

Es ist die Premiere der Konzerttour des Albums
"RADIOSTATIK FT TERENCE BLANCHARD   LUCID DREAM" das seinen Start Mitte April 2016 haben wird und exklusiv im Berliner Jazzclub „b-flat“ gastiert. Es ist ein universelles Projekt, Neo-Soul mit einem Sänger und einem Rapper, es können natürlich auch Fans von Hip-Hop und Soul, nicht nur von Jazz zu diesem einmaligen Konzert in den legendären Club „b-flat“ kommen.
RADIOSTATIK ( PL/USA ) - is a neo-soul group founded in January 2015 in New York by MICHAŁ WRÓBLEWSKI- a polish jazz pianist and composer. Michał is the author of all compositions, lyrics of their first album. The band first met during the recording session in the legendary MSR Studios in Manhattan with the special appearance of the great TERENCE BLANCHARD - multi-grammy winning artist, one of the most prominent figures on the contemporary jazz scene. Michal invited some the most talented musicians of the New York's young generation to join the band for the recording: drummer DANA HAWKINS and basist JOSHUA CRUMBLY. The first record entitled "Lucid Dream" tells a song-by song story happening in dream reality which turns it into a concept album and an unforgettable longplay experience. Music has been recorded using vintage analogue sound techniques, a trademark of the band's engineer - RUSSELL ELEVADO. Russell is mostly known for his cooperation with D'Angelo on the famous "Voodoo" which gained him a grammy award in 2000. The unique vocal sound of ANDRE WASHINGTON is what makes RADIOSTATIK even more recognizable among other bands.
In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Alina Wróblewska in Warszawa.