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Heute | 01.08.2015 | 22h | 13/10€

Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq & Friends 

Hard Bop to Fusion, Latin and Funk
Kelvin Sholar (p), Max Hughes (b), Fuasi (sax, fl), Kenny Martin (dr)

Together they have created a unique sound which is identifiable from the first notes they play. Their music comes from the influences of "Blues", "Hard Bop", "Eastern", "African" and "Funk" which creates a music full of spirit, depth and energy. Our style of performance for the Bb will represent music from Swing to Hard Bop to Fusion, Latin and Funk. We will be performing music from composers like Lee Morgan, Ronnie Laws,
Joe Henderson, Duke Ellington, Chucho Valdes as well as originals from some of the members of the Ensemble. Fuasi & Ensemble is a Jazz quartet which has been performing in and around Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and France since its founding in 1995. The group is composed of musicians from American(USA) and European origins. Fuasi plays saxophone, clarinet, flute and percussion. He comes from Los Angeles, California where he studied composition, arranging and performance in the U.G.M.A.A.
Foundation (Union of God's Musicians and Artist Ascension) with "Horace Tapscott and the Pan-African Peoples Arkestra".